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The engine oil company of Ghatran Kaveh was founded in 1987, With the goal of creating jobs and achieving self-sufficiency in the production of various lubricants, and after obtaining the necessary permits and factory located in the Kaveh Industrial City in Saveh , start Production and operation.
The Collection of company products constitute of types of Motor oil, gear oil (guns), hydraulic oils, industrial oils, lubricants, anti-freeze and oil additives, Due to the high quality and the desirable of manufactured goods and compliance with national and international standards, the company can allocate Considerable amount of foreign markets, in addition to the domestic market.
The company in order to maintain and improve the quality of their products and comply with national and international standards, attempt to equipped its laboratories to modern laboratory tools, where it is to succeed to be introduced as a Laboratory Fellow Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran at the state level and is Among the companies that are successful in obtaining the ISO 9001:2008 of quality management system certification from the MIC company.
To meet two goals, to improve the quality and gain new markets; The company is investing in a number of domestic and foreign subsidiary companies Including Takran Kaveh petroleum refining company, Kaveh Pars engine oils, Lubriks in the United Arabic Emirates and the also West of Africa, which in each account Gain domestics and foreign new markets share.
Ghatran Kaveh Company management, owes its success in increasing customer satisfaction and therefore will not spare no effort in this regard. Greater satisfaction of customer is long-term goals and planning of Ghatran Kaveh managers.


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Our vision is to become first leading manufacturer of high-quality lubricants and associated products. Through the pursuit of service and technical excellence, we aim to continuously meet and exceed the demands placed upon us by our customers and wish to increase our market presence worldwide.


Our mission is to provide the most reliable lubrication service to each of our customers in close partnership with them, to help improve their profitability and efficiency by providing the most cost-effective package, using all our resources, monitoring and innovative technology.